The Recording Studio

studio microphone

Sheron works out of his studio (LAMT Productions) in MIdrand.
This is a fully functional professional recording studio, which offers state of the art recording equipment, within acoustically balanced recording and control rooms.

What sets apart a good recording producer\engineer from your everyday average recording guy sitting behind a PC screen, is in his ability to not only understand the technical “know how” but also have a keen ear for balance, good communication and a thorough understanding of musical authenticity.
As Sheron has over 20 years experience as a sound engineer, and since he plays a number of instruments at session player level, he is well attuned to each instruments nuance and range. As a result, this allows him the flexibility to tailor precise arrangements and mixes to suite each song and project. 


For these reasons, the studio is able to offer quality, cost effective recordings of which very little, if anything would require outsourcing.

All stages of the recording process are done in studio and by Sheron. This would include: song arrangement, programming, playing of the live instruments (Drums, Bass, Guitars and Keyboards), and backing vocals, all the way down to the final mix of the product.  The studio offers a fixed price structure with NO extra charge, unless client demands require the hiring or input of an outside person or service.
Furthermore being an accomplished songwriter himself, Sheron is able to write on request or assist you to rewrite any existing song(s) you may have written but seek to take to the next level.

Additional services:

Should you choose to make use of only a few of the services we offer, for example, recording elsewhere and mixing your song\album at our studio or vice versa, we would be glad to assist.  Moreover you could also hire Sheron as a live or studio engineer/producer and/or session artist – live or in any other studio – the choice is yours!
Should you opt to use your own producer, the studio is available for hire at an hourly/daily rate. We also offer live gig multi channel recording (and later mixing) for your live DVD or any other preferred media at extremely attractive prices, as well as sound and lights hire for any event or occasion.

Sheron has already produced, arranged and written for the artists:

•         Shine (Indie) – Album: “Black day blur”

•.        Tyronne Nel - Single - Beautiful

•         Anton Edward - Album Mix and Mastering, Bass, Guitars (2019) - Exit Wound
•         Dewald Dippenaar (Select Music) – Album: “Wys jou muis” - GOLD ALBUM!
•         Jennifer Zamudio (Markon Records) – Album: “Hier’s my hart” Which includes a duet with Bobby Van Jaarsveld.
•         Ruben Wentzel - Album: “Praat Met Jou” and a wedding song: “Jy Is My Bride”

•         Under Control - Single Collab with Nelson Sibert (Brother) 2013
•         Werkloos - EP: “n Hart vir Gillooly's
•         Sunel Scheepers - Album: “Glow” - an album Written almost entirely by Sheron.
•         LiquidST8 - EP: ”Chasing Down Your World
•         Nina Gleeson Smit - Christmas Single: “Holy Name”

•         iMJ Band - Album - iMJ Cover Album 2013
•         Eran Madar - 3 Radio Singles in Hebrew: “Green Man” “Maybe Maybe” “Stav”
•         Yakov Ravitz - Drums and Bass on: “Flower Dress
•         Albert Dewet - Bass on the “Die vensters na my siel” Album and Pre-production for his 4th album
•         Adriaan Blaine - Album: “Jy's Myne''

•         Sheron - Cover Song - As A Friend - Come As You Are Cover

•         Sheron - Cover Song - Billie Jean

•         Sheron - Cover Song - Little Wing - Hendrix Cover

•         Sheron - Cover Song - Parisienne Walkways - Gary Moore Cover

•         Sheron - Original Song - Goodbye My Love

•         Sheron - Original Song - My Ecstacy 
•         Jonathan Gendler - Mix: “Come Together
•         Wynand Windpomp - Album Mastering, Co-mix, Co-production: “Gedagtes”
•         Suzanne Jade - Single Pre-production “Lucky In Love”
•         Mickey Cohen - Guitars on: “Flying Into Mind

•         Grant Tregellas - Mix on an EP - ''Stop Poking Me With That Stick''

•         Brad Cunningham vs Grant Tregellas - Mix for a single - ''Show Me The Money''

•         Richard Gau - Single.

•         Dozi - Backtracks.

•         Suzanne Jade - 2 full production Singles - Lucky In Love and All My Life

•         Acoustic guitars and bass on Whole lotta Love by Beverley Jane

•         Playing With Dolls - An original writing EP project Sheron was a part of in 2013

Sheron's clients

Added to this, Sheron has produced and\or written promo, demo songs and jingles for other artists and corporate companies such as Engel & Volkers, Markon Records, Jennifer Zamudio, Ghapi, Dark White, Ruben Wentzel, Nelda Van Rensburg (Afrikaans Idols), Huisgenoot magazine Carrie Ann Choles, Andries Botha, Mandi Gleeson and so on…

Aside from other artists Sheron is working on his debut Album